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Since 2004 Bark of the Town has been keeping the dogs of Andover, North Andover and the surrounding communities well groomed. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our grooming team is well known for our ability to work with pets of all temperaments and breed. These are just a few of the many reasons our pets’ parents have voted us Northshore Magazine’s Best of the Northshore Pet Grooming six years in a row.

Bark of the Town specializes in long-haired dogs and knows the standard cuts for most breeds. However, we will often match the cut to the pet’s individual personality to ensure your pet is as confident when they leave as when they arrived. Each member of our grooming team has a special service they are known for – from dematting to working with timid or scared dogs. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your pet personally to ensure both of you are always happy.

To book an appointment with one of our experienced groomers please call, 978-208-0029.

Patti - Bark of the Town

Angela - Bark of the Town

Angela - Owner

As a little girl, Angela wanted to become a pet groomer and for the past 15+ years she has been doing what she loves. Understanding that each pet has its own unique personality, she encourages her pet’s parents to groom their pet to match their personality. Angela’s greatest asset as a groomer is her ability to work out the uncomfortable mats that can easily form in furry dogs. Having patience and a gentle touch provides for a stress free groom for Angela’s four-legged clients. When not at work, you can find Angela on the beach in the summer or spending time with her family, friends and her dog, Boss.

After being a longterm groomer at the shop, Angela purchased Bark of the Town in 2021.

Britany - Bark of the Town

Brittany has been grooming for 6 years and is a dedicated, positive, and hardworking member of our team. She loves what she does and shows the very best care to each and every dog she gets her clippers on. When Brittany isn’t at work she spends most of her time relaxing at home with her husband and their cat, Meredith Grey.

Maria - Bark of the Town


Maria has centered her life around animals for as long as she can remember. After graduating high school in 2010, Maria took a summer job at a local PetSmart. Once a bather position opened up Maria stepped away from retail and instead took interest in developing relationships and caring for dogs in a way she never considered before- grooming!

After 8 months of being trained as a bather, her salon manager advocated for Maria to complete the Groomer Academy. One certification course and 200+ grooms later, Maria was officially a groomer! That number of dogs groomed only grew as her career with PetSmart went on for another 8 years. To supplement her passion, she also went on to complete an Animal Care Associates degree at North Shore Community College. Aside from her own small collection of fur babies, she has also spent years walking and pet sitting in her local community.

In 2019 Maria was presented with a management opportunity for Loyal Companion (a local holistic pet retailer) to train further in the field of pet nutrition. It was a fantastic learning experience, but she felt most fulfilled when working with dogs one on one. Maria joined the BOTT team in 2020.

Madison - Bark of the Town

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We are currently looking for an experienced groomer to join our team. Send your resume to info@andovergrooming.com or drop it on by the shop.

Oreo - Bark of the Town

Pixel - Bark of the Town

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More than just dog groomers... They know and love animals and are the best! They give great advice and make us all feel special.

Maureen P.

We have used Bark of the Town for 11 years now. Our dogs are always happy and healthy and clean when we pick them up.

Rebecca D.

With two German Shepherds it wasn’t easy finding a groomer who would understand the breed. We have been going to Patti and Angela for five years now and could not be happier with how our dogs are treated and cared for!

Lisa C.